Horta Museum Brussels

The Horta House is a beautiful museum to visit in Brussels,

which is part of the global UNESCO heritage. It is composed of

two buildings, which were put up between 1898 and 1901.

Even if both of them were built together and are still linked, each one has its own originality, so as to emphasize the distinction between private sphere and professional studio.

The private house consists of 2 stairs: one for the owner and his guests and another one. The most remarkable element of this house is the internal structure of the private house, as there are no walls, which gives the impression of a very large space.

The stairs are really the heart of the house, as usual in Horta’s constructions.

Indeed, Victor Horta was a Belgian architect and the leader of the ‘Art Nouveau’ movement in Belgium. His art consisted in the coordination of his three favourite elements: the effects of the light, steel and glassware. After a nonconformist childhood, he went to Paris, where he discovered many artists and new concepts. Back to Brussels, he entered the Royal Art Academy and began to build his own houses, while being faithful to his art and skill.