Open since the 18th of May 2010, the Delacre store represents more than a century of a success story : Charles Delacre started his chocolate shop in 1870 just around the corner. At this time, chocolate was used as a medicine. But the craze for chocolate urged him to open a bigger chocolate factory. He was the first to make the delicious combination of a biscuit with pure Belgian chocolate...

Located near the main square, the aim of the store is to share the history of Delacre, from its origin to its recent evolution. In a magnificent setting, you will have the opportunity to find existing Delacre products, as well as freshly made biscuits, from monoproducts like Delichoc, Mini Sprits, assortments like Tea Time 1 Kg and the Magritte tin, a real collector’s item !

For all those who are fond of chocolate, every day a « maitre patissier » is present in the store to demonstrate how to make a good chocolate covered biscuit. For those who do not like chocolate, our « maitre patissier » will make some customized cigarettes russes : just the plain biscuit, or dipped at one end in dark chocolate  with chocolate flakes, at the other end dipped in white chocolate striped with a succulent milk chocolate.

The Delacre store is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11 :00 am to 6:30 pm ; closed on Monday

Check out our website, that soon will become available.

Delacre Store

27 place de la vieille halle aux blés

1000 Brussels