Easter day is a moment that all children impatiently are waiting for. Each year parents are hiding lots of chocolate eggs in their garden for their children. Thanks to the Easter rabbit and Easter bells, each child can hunt for the chocolate treasure...

Originally Easter is a religious day, more and more it becomes a tradition in Europe. This tradition has its origin in the Middle Ages : during the month of March, it was forbidden to eat eggs. As a result, there were an enormous amount of uneaten eggs after this period. Children started to decorate these eggs to offer them as a gift to their parents. During the XVIIIth century, a Frenchman emptied a fresh egg and filled it with chocolate and since that day, the Easter legend was born. Thanks to the shopkeepers, who carry on this tradition by selling chocolate eggs every year, each child receives chocolate eggs from the Easter rabbit and Easter bells.

Today, eggs are less and less offered and are replaced by real artistic concepts.

But Easter is not only a chocolate feast. This day is the sign of a revival : it is the transition between the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring. This feast announces the return of more sunny and prosperous days.